What Is Pet Insurance? How To Buy Pet Insurance In India?

Nowadays, Pets lovers are increasing in India and every Indian family wants to have some pets.

So if you also have a pet like a dog or a cat then it is very important to insure you because in today’s time there are different types of new diseases Animals are happening and if you do not take insurance of your pet in time, then your pocket will have a lot of impact, so if you are a Pet lover then you Should be insured, then in this blog today we will know how you can buy your pet insurance in India.

What Is Pet Insurance?

So now you know what is the pet insurance of pets, then tell you, a lot of companies have come to India now which gives insurance for pets If you have a pet dog or a cat or another animal, then you can also be given a special insurance called stomach insurance.

Why Pet Insurance is Important?

If you do not take insurance of your pet, if he gets any disease then your good food will be spent and a pet’s one year hospital Spending ranges from about ₹80000 to ₹100000 and if you take insurance of your pet, your expenses will be significantly reduced here and your pet from time to time The animal will continue to be investigated so that your pet will not have any problem later.

Best Pet Insurance Provider In India?

So now we know which is the best Pet insurance company in India from which you should take stomach insurance, then first we will talk about Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited Who will provide insurance for your stomach is the best insurance provider company of Bajaj Allianz India which provides all kinds of insurance.

Eligibility for Pet Insurance

If you want to take insurance from your pet from Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited then they have some rules and conditions that you have your dog or cat is must above 4 years old Should be and there is no disease of any kind, you will have to submit the report while taking insurance.

So if you follow the insurance policy of Bajaj aliens then you can take insurance of your pet from Bajaj Allianz General Insurance.

Pet Insurance Inclusions

The range of benefits varies with the insurer as well as the cost of the premium. Following are the coverage provided under Pet Insurance:

  • Surgery Expenses Cover
  • Death due to accident/Diseases
  • Hospitalization Cover
  • OPD Cover
  • Lost or stolen dogs

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