How Health Insurance Protect Your Future?

Health insurance is a savings prepared for health problems that often unfortunately occur in a person. Several types of health insurance are available. This is a legal agreement between the policyholder and the insurance company to pay for all of the person’s medical expenses when they are unwell.

Health insurance was first used in 1901, so it can be said that this is not a modern method to consider, the contract can be completely trustworthy but one must be careful with the company with which we deal.

Therefore, you need health insurance to protect your health in case of a medical emergency. Health insurance is more useful for the poor and middle class to save their lives from unexpected accidents and some dangerous, life-threatening diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, tumors, etc.

There are different types of health insurance:

Individual health insurance: This insurance program is aimed at an individual as its name suggests. It covers all of a person’s medical expenses due to their illness. He can group all his family members under the same policy by paying an additional premium.

This measure will be implemented within 2 to 3 years. Family health insurance: This is one of the best insurance policies. This covers all family members under one policy. The main advantage of this program is that only one member pays the premium and the whole family enjoys the benefits.

Critical Illness Insurance: This policy provides users with a significant amount of money to deal with certain life-threatening illnesses. Here, patients must be hospitalized for insurance approval. You must be diagnosed to receive insurance benefits. The amount is paid upfront and predetermined regardless of other costs.

The diseases included here are:

Heart attack
Organ transplant

Health insurance for the elderly: As the name suggests, this policy is specifically aimed at people aged 65 and over. So this is the best policy for our grandparents and parents. It includes the cost of all expenses related to hospitalization and medications.

Some other benefits such as full body examination and psychiatric appointment are also applied in this policy. Because older people are more susceptible to diseases, this insurance premium is a bit high compared to other policies.

Personal accident insurance:

Nowadays, accidents often occur due to many different causes, some people die from accidents, some people become disabled. Therefore, this policy is mainly aimed at people involved in accidents. Other benefits of this policy are that some of the schemes under this policy provide educational facilities and orphan benefits to children. This policy also covers personal loans.

Group health insurance: Aimed at a group of people, especially within a company for employees. Its premiums are much lower than personal insurance.
Disease-specific health insurance: This type of insurance is for specific diseases that require a lot of money to treat. For example, the corona has just shocked the world for nearly 2 years.

Therefore, some insurance companies offer this type of policy. One of these policies is Corona Kovach, which is more useful for dangerous diseases that require a lot of money and long-term treatment.

Benefits of health insurance:

  1. To meet processing costs.
  2. To save lives from unexpected diseases.
  3. To protect the family.
  4. Financial benefits.
  5. Very useful for the poor and middle class. Financial security against rising medical and other hospital costs.
  6. Disadvantages of health insurance:
    Insurance premiums will increase with age.
  7. You must wait to benefit from existing health insurance.
    Additional fees on top of insurance premiums.

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